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      "Just wait," said Shorty hopefully. "Old Rosy knows what he's doin'. He's got enough here for the business."

      Meanwhile, no precaution was spared. The force under Bougainville above Quebec was raised to three thousand men. [758] He was ordered to watch the shore as far as Jacques-Cartier, and follow with his main body every movement of Holmes's 276

      "The door was on the car when I came out to meet you, and now it's gone, and there's been no body near the caboose but your men."An ineffably lovely panorama was spread before them, which the light haze customary to that soft land, endowed with a curiously moving quality. For awhile in silence their eyes ranged back and forth from Absolom's Island on the one side out over the intenser blue of the Bay. At their feet rode a battered old schooner with a deckload of cord wood. Down at the left the octagonal lighthouse on its spindly legs was just within range of their vision.

      It was a comprehensive challenge, that would have met with instantaneous response at any other time, but now the men were too exhausted for such vanities as fisticuffs.

      V2 news came of the loss of Ticonderoga and Crown Point, the retreat of Bourlamaque, the fall of Niagara, and the expected advance of Amherst on Montreal. It was then that Lvis was despatched to the scene of danger; and Quebec was deplorably weakened by his absence. About this time the Lower Town was again set on fire by the English batteries, and a hundred and sixty-seven houses were burned in a night. In the front of the Upper Town nearly every building was a ruin. At the General Hospital, which was remote enough to be safe from the bombardment, every barn, shed, and garret, and even the chapel itself, were crowded with sick and wounded, with women and children from the town, and the nuns of the Ursulines and the H?tel-Dieu, driven thither for refuge. Bishop Pontbriand, though suffering from a mortal disease, came almost daily to visit and console them from his lodging in the house of the cur at Charlesbourg.Suddenly Si noticed that the dark had come; the fragrance of tobacco from hundreds of pipes was filling the air, and from away off in the distance the almost Indian Summer zephyrs were bringing soft rythmic sounds likesurelyyes, he caught it now, it was that mighty soother of tired hearts

      "Had Mr. Dongan any enemies?"

      Corveth prompted her. "Tell Judge Stockman what witnesses you have brought me and what you expect to prove by each one."


      "Lieut. Evans," he called out, "take command of the line while I go back with these men to the ammunition-train. I can get it quicker for them than they can. Your Colonel should have sent a commissioned officer with you."


      "Not like this. Flirtations.""I'd like to know what put that idee into yer head," said Shorty.


      "See here. Si," Shorty continued, as his eye suddenly lighted up with a brilliant thought, "I guess I kin make ye understand what a grayback is. What d'ye call that coat ye've got on?"