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      Esmeralda, will you be my wife very soon?Esmeralda! he repeated, vaguely. Then a shudder ran through him; but he controlled his voice, and answered, almost carelesslytoo carelesslyif Lilias had been in a condition to notice: She has gone off to London, he said in a dry voicetoto Lady Wyndovers. She went up unexpectedly, andand left word with me to tell you.

      His praise brought the light to her eyes.

      It cant be done now, she said; youll have to wait.

      Come with me, he said.

      And where should you like to go for the honey-moon, dearest? asked Norman, when they were discussing their marriage some weeks later. Paris is very nice; so would Florence be just nowrather hot, perhapsthen theres Switzerland.


      Its not Barkers fault, said Esmeralda. It doesnt matter; I shall do. Lady Lilias and I have been romping.


      She greeted Flora with a welcoming beam, but before speaking she caught her sister's arm and glanced herself, at the superscription.


      Varley did not acquaint the men with her engagement to the Marquis of Trafford, but he conveyed her love to them; and, when the case arrived, there was much rejoicing in Three Star.Yesyes, for Gods sake, let us do something! said Norman.